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I understand why Judy Garland took drugs

I hope I’m not spoiling anything for anyone who may not have known that our darling Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz took drugs, but there it is: Judy Garland was a pill-popping booze hound. She blamed it on her early days at MGM, when they gave her something in the morning to wake her up and keep her peppy, and something else at night to put her to sleep. Plus a little something extra to help keep her from being pudgy.

I always thought that it was just awful of Mr. Mayer to make poor Judy take those pills, but now  that I’ve been shooting my web series for the last two weeks, I get it. The days are long and require tons of energy and positivity, and the nights require sleep that’s hard to get, because of thinking about the next day’s work. And all Judy had to do was sing, dance and act! What a wuss! Can you imagine what she’d have to be on if she also wrote and was producing the damn things?

Mama don't take no lip!

Mama don’t take no lip!

Lucky for me, I have my fantastic, supportive co-producer Tyne Firmin, who is directing the hell out Merce, not to mention playing Mama. (It’s my prediction that Mama’s going to be the break-out star of the series.) And the rest of the company, the amazing cast and crew, are all showing up 100%, with enthusiasm and imagination, and the ability to just roll with the punches.

Example: A few nights ago we were shooting on a city street, one of the few semi-serious scenes in the piece. Dreamy Randy Taylor, playing Remington, and I were strolling down the neighborhood lane, with the crew in tow. The scene called for us to stop to finish the scene, so Tyne chose a lovely building with a beautiful window behind us for the shot. On about the third or fourth take, this woman who obviously is not a fan of the arts, threw open the curtain behind us and yelled at us to leave the scene, that we didn’t have any right to be there, etc. As if! We were on the public sidewalk, after all. Jesus was on our side (he always is), and Johnny the DP had already gotten the shot. We all had a great laugh. As soon as Johnny gets the footage edited, we’re going to put that lady up on YouTube. I’m sure it’ll land on Tosh.O.

Merce and co. and Mark Fisher Fitness.

Merce and co. at Mark Fisher Fitness.

I have to shout out to some of the locations that have allowed us to film there: The Hourglass Tavern and Bettibar, who were so amazingly generous with their space, and fed us well and made us feel at home, Mark Fisher Fitness, and the home of Daniel Brewer and Gene Gosselin (and me!). My roommates are such kind and supportive friends, I’m lucky to have them.

I also have to give gold stars to Trudi Cohen, John Matthews and Steve Petersen for showing up to work as production assistants. Hard work, and we are grateful for your time.

It’s not over yet! More shooting tomorrow, and Wednesday, and Friday, and then some time in October. I don’t know. I just know I have to be there every day. They just push me around, just like MGM did with Judy.

I’m not going to take any drugs. I have terrific support with my Merce team and friends. But when I watch The Wizard of Oz, I’ll watch with a bit more understanding of why she needed all those uppers to get over the damn rainbow.

There’s No “I” in TEAM. Or in MERCE.

Do you know who I love? Besides my family, my boyfriend, and of course, Jesus? Samantha Slater. Five minutes after I met her, I told her I wanted to stick my tongue in her mouth. And I’m gayer than the gay mayor of Gayville. Or so I’ve been told.

Sam is our line producer. And my desire to snog her is not because she’s adorable, although she is. It’s that from that first meeting, the way she talked about schedules and organizing and taking control of all the nitty gritty icky stuff that Tyne and I didn’t even know had to get done, let alone how to take care of. She’s amazing at figuring out the puzzle of everyone’s schedules, actors, technicians, and when the various locations are available and making it all fit, somehow. Baffling to me, and miraculous. When this is all over, I totally have to bake her a cake.

Beautiful Colleen Hawks-Pierce, singin' her little heart out.

Beautiful Colleen Hawks-Pierce, singin’ her little heart out.           

Our first foray into the production of this production happened this week: we went into the recording studio to record all the vocal tracks for the amazing original songs that Kenny Kruper wrote for Merce. Pete at Millrose Music was a total professional and a gem. Under Michael Forman’s vocal direction, we managed to get through the music and make it sound fantastic. The singers in this production are all top notch. The Fairies: Rob Laqui, Alex Tomas and Sean Griffin are so hilarious and wonderful. They sing like they’ve been a trio for years. Speaking of trio, the “Fabulous” girls: Gail Lou, Jeanel LeBlanc and Leah Joy, OMG. Y’all aren’t ready. They blew the roof off the place. Then there’s Colleen Hawks-Pierce, who at one point said, “I did this kind of singing in Boy From Oz.” Well, la-di-da! I called her on her name-dropping, and she smiled, winked and said, “well, I did!” She’s amazing. And Amanda Bruton as Veda nailed her song in like two takes! I could go on. To see a photo album of the recording session, click here. 

This weekend we begin shooting! I’ve received emails from Darian Brenner, the art director, about her outrageous and fun ideas for making our locations more Merce-y. Our costumer, Emily Foley is hot on the case, finding cool and funky things for the cast to wear, and Dana D’Adamo, our make-up/hair expert, well, her main job is going to be minimizing the bags under my eyes. Between them, and Johnny Coughlin, our awesome DP, and his crew, the show is going to look amazing.

I’m gonna need to bake some more cake.



A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Recently I was talking with an old friend, telling her about all the work that Tyne and I have been doing to get Merce, the series created. Raising money, casting, hiring a director of photography, finding locations, all the things that go into this kind of production that Tyne and I had no experience or idea about.

“OMYGOD, Charles!” she bubbled, “You’re living the dream!”

Merce's Fairies (they've dubbed themselves "The Mercettes"): Rob Laqui, Alexander Tomas and Sean Griffin

Merce’s Fairies (they’ve dubbed themselves “The Mercettes”): Rob Laqui, Alexander Tomas and Sean Griffin

I emphatically stated no. This was not the dream! Writing and co-producing a web series that I’m also choreographing and acting in, making decisions about things that I don’t now about, dealing with people’s schedules, personalities, temperaments? This was not the dream I dreamed when I was a young theatre fag growing up in Phoenix listening to Merman albums.

“The Dream” was to move to NYC, three bucks, two bags, one me, audition for a show, be a big hit and have a HUGE career in the theatre! I wanted to go on stage a nobody and come back a star! I wanted to be Ruby Keeler. In 1933. Quel surprise, it didn’t happen.

Here I am, years later, creating a web series. It’s stressful, difficult, sometimes annoying. Tyne and I snip at each other; we’re both tired and stressed out and dieting. (Note to self: bad idea to give up sugar while in pre-production.) It’s hard but we’re trying to balance worry with hope.

There’re a lot of things to be hopeful about. Kenny Kruper has written great music and lyrics for each episode of the show, and the theme song is perfection (very Love, American Style). We hired an amazing director of photography, Johnny Coughlin, who has proven already to be an wonderful collaborator. He’s been a terrific help in building the technical crew, and I know the show will look gorgeous. Our cast is fantastic. They’re energetic, enthusiastic, wonderfully creative and talented. And they’re cute! Wait ’til you see! I also conned the extra fancy Michael Forman to be vocal director for the show. (Poor guy was just trying to give me some advice, and I took it to mean he was coming on board.) Every location for the shoot that we thought would be difficult to find or book, has proven pretty easy to secure. Everyone on the team is excited to be a part of the project. There are little miracles happening for Merce every day.

We’re still in rehearsals, learning the music, staging the songs, doing scene work. Also meeting with the art director, the costumer, finding a make-up/hair person. We go into the recording studio next week, and start shooting the week after that. We’ll be publishing weekly updates on our progress on this blog.

Maybe co-producing Merce was not the dream, but how could it have been? When I was young, I had very little imagination beyond Broadway and Sondheim. I couldn’t have known the crazy places life would take me, and what the Universe had in store. It looks like “The Dream” was in actuality pretty limited.

Moreover, if I step out of the thick of it for a moment to look at the big picture, I can see how many aspects of this Merce process are pretty freakin’ dreamy.