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They Shoot Actors, Don’t They?

“We’re shooting a web series.” “We have to work to get the shot.” “There’s still a lot left to shoot.”

It’s the jargon of the show biz. Rather violent-sounding, if you ask me.

Yesterday was our second-to-last day of shooting. Members of the cast, the three talented boys playing the fairies and myself, along with crew and Tyne Firmin, the director, were called to be at Nowhere Studio in Brooklyn at 10am.

Those "Fabulous" Fairies!

Those “Fabulous” Fairies! Rob, Alex and Sean

Well, the address to the studio was wrong on the call sheet, so many people got lost. Silly people. I was one of them. And I’d been at the studio before! But I trusted HopStop’s directions and got lost. When we all finally made it to the proper place, we found out that some of the costumes needed for the first scene on the schedule were missing. They’d been in a bag in Johnny Coughlin (the cinematographer)’s car when it got broken into a coupla weeks ago, and had been stolen.  Emily Foley, our creative costumer, and Samantha Slater, our hard working line producer, went out to 4 different Rainbow stores to replace the pieces. All of this set the schedule a tad off track. This stressed me out. I eased my tension by eating donuts.

What the camera sees: a stressful moment before "Action!"

What the camera sees: a stressful moment before “Action!” With Bess Eckstein, Mark Anastasi and the Fairies.

I was losing my mind, but pretending to keep my cool. I was an emotional wreck all day and truly I was snippy. (Ask Tyne; he’ll tell ya!) Do you know who genuinely kept their cool? Everyone else. The crew, the amazing cast, Tyne, everyone! I was going into the bathroom to cry because I was so scared and anxious, and everyone else is laughing, listening to disco between set ups and enjoying working together. Emily and Sam arrived with the costumes, cast got made up, and we started shooting. I was worried all day that we wouldn’t have time to get everything done.

To add to my stress, there were other people who work at the studio that came in and out of the building. Some went up to the rooftop to enjoy the day, others were dropping off equipment or their bikes. No one interrupted our shoot terribly, but they did always seem to come in when I was in just my underwear and wife beater, or in some ridiculous get-up. Often while on set, usually when I’m in some crazy costume or perhaps doing a close-up of me sipping coffee out of penis-shaped straws or some such ridiculousness, I quote Gene Kelly from Singin’ in the Rain: “Dignity. Always dignity.”

Ed Davis as Ms. Nutella Spread. You better work!

Ed Davis as Ms. Nutella Spread. You better work!

Luckily I kept it together enough to be able to witness everyone work, from the amazing Fairies (Rob Laqui, Alexander Tomas and Sean Griffin), to Corvette (Bess Eckstein) and Joe #6 (Mark Anastasi), to the truly inspiring work of Ed Davis (Blackie Onasty) as Ms. Nutella Spread. At one point I grabbed Tyne and whispered to him, “we’re so lucky to have this amazing cast,” and he squeezed my hand tight and said, “I know.”

Wait until you see the wonderful work that our art director Darian Brenner is doing! She’s making every scene so vibrant and colorful, and taking every fantasy idea and running with it. Great stuff!

A moment when it all came together.

A moment when it all came together.

Shout out to KeLeen Snowgren, who came in to help out with hair and makeup for the first half of the day while Dana D’Adamo was walking in the Brooklyn Take Steps for Crohn’s and Colitis event. KeLeen kept saying how nervous she was, but she did terrific work and was a sweetheart to boot. Also, a huge thanks to Trudi Cohen for coming out to help production assist. You are such a kind, generous spirit, and we’re so lucky to have your help.

(By the way, if you want to know about Dana’s story and maybe make a donation to the Crohn’s/Colitis cause, I think you still can. Visit her page.)

We made it through the long-ass day. We filmed four fantastic musical numbers. I think we were leaving the studio a little after midnight, dragging our butts to the subway. The handful of us that took the A train back to Manhattan was still giggling and enjoying each other after almost 14 hours.

I made it home a little after 1am. I was beat. Tired, creatively spent, brain-dead.

Feeling, I guess, a little like I’d been shot.