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Actor Spotlight: Amanda Bruton

What is there to say about the delightful and lovely Amanda Bruton? She’s an amazingly talented and fearless performer. She’s wickedly funny. She’s got a great rack. Qualities that we were looking for in an actress to play the part-time life coach, part-time dominatrix Veda Masters/Mistress Veda, to be sure. But with Amanda, we got all that and a whole lot more. When Amanda came in to try out for Merce, she bowled Tyne and me over with her hilarious audition. “I really just wanted to play with whips and chains,” Amanda said, “lucky for me, Charles and Tyne agreed and I booked the role.”

Fabulous and Boobalicious Amanda Bruton

Fabulous and Boobalicious Amanda Bruton

Like Bess Eckstein (who plays Merce’s roommate Corvette), Amanda is a Jersey girl (another one? sheesh!). “I grew up there, and to this day I’m a Jersey girl through and through,” she said. “I still drive stick and comb my hair with a pick, as Jersey girls do.” (I’m not sure what ‘driving stick’ is, but it sounds like something I’ve tried once or twice.)

She caught the acting bug early on. “From a young age I was incredibly melodramatic, but also a total ham.” She was in her first show at age 5, and, as she puts it, “a diva was born.” (I can relate, honey!) She also got to see a lot of Broadway shows and did a lot of community theater, which got her into a high school with an incredible arts program, leading her to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and New York.

Amanda as the bumbling life coach, Veda Masters

Amanda as the bumbling life coach, Veda Masters

“I’ve been living and working as an actor in NYC for over a decade now. My career has run the gamut: straight plays, musicals, Shakespeare, experimental work, voice-overs, film, television, sketch comedy and improv,” Amanda said. “Recently, I tap danced in a mullet and a tutu, and it wasn’t even ironic.” (That’s my kind of actress!)

For Amanda, the highlight of her career so far was playing Grandma Addams on the international tour of The Addams Family Musical. “I know what you’re thinking,” she said, “how could this young spring chicken play a 102-year-old Grandma? And the answer is: a lot of heavy make-up and a lot of late nights!”

Fierce Amanda as Mistress Veda (with Mike Dewhirst and Bess Eckstein)

Fierce Amanda as Mistress Veda (with fellow Jersey-ites Mike Dewhirst and  Bess Eckstein)

“Working on Merce was ridiculously fun. Everyone from the cast to the crew to the creators were fabulous,” Amanda said. “They all had the perfect combination of professionalism, humor, and BAWDINESS. Not to mention talent.”

Amanda as Veda, singing her soul out

Amanda as Veda, singing her soul out

She went on, “I was thrilled to be working on a show about HIV. I believe that one of the best ways to address serious issues is with humor and laughter. A lot of Americans forget that AIDS is still a problem, as if it were a trend that died in the 90’s. While it’s true that HIV is no longer a death sentence and many people with HIV are living happy and full lives, it is imperative that we find a cure. We need to bring it back to the forefront of the American public’s consciousness.”

And as for the future of Merce? “I hope that Merce can give a new face to HIV,” Amanda said. “I hope that with humor and laughter and maybe a couple of dildos and penis straws we can make this issue relatable. And I hope it makes us all really rich and famous.”


For more things Amanda, including video clips of her work, visit her website at



Actor Spotlight: Bess Eckstein

Last summer, when Tyne and I were thinking about the casting of Merce, we knew that the role of Merce’s roommate Corvette was going to be a tough role to fill. We wanted a girl who was pretty, smart, funny, and unafraid. And maybe a little trashy.

One day I saw the adorable Bess Eckstein across a crowded room (just like the song!), and she was sitting with her legs crossed, in a miniskirt, chomping gum and playing with her hair. I thought, ‘now that looks like the kind of floozy that might have a different boyfriend every week! That looks like Merce’s roommate Corvette!’ So I asked her to audition. She came in, sang and read, and my instinct had been correct: Bess was a floozy! Or at least she could act like one. We cast her.

Beautiful Bess Eckstein

Beautiful Bess Eckstein

Bess is a Jersey girl, born and raised. And she’s proud of that. She was bitten by the theater bug at 3 years old, when her mom took her to see her first play, Mary Poppins. “I was completely enamored with the show! From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be a performer.”

Bess got her BFA in acting from Montclair State University (In New Jersey!) She’s performed in summer stock and regional theater, eventually earning her Equity card. “My love for the theater and continuing to pursue a career in performing brought me to NYC!” (Which is right next to New Jersey.)

Bess in the recording studio, singing her little Jersey heart out!

Bess in the recording studio, singing her little Jersey heart out!

“Working on Merce gave me the wonderful experience to combine all things I love: acting singing, dancing and working with enormously creatively talented people,” Bess said. “One of my favorite parts was going into the recording studio to record the musical numbers for the show. Also, living the dream of having a different boyfriend in each episode who doted on me wasn’t too shabby either!”

Bess Eckstein as Corvette, making this week's boyfriend play Twister

Bess Eckstein as Corvette, making this week’s boyfriend play Twister

Bess also shared her thoughts on HIV as a subject for Merce. “Having a number of friends who are HIV+, I am happy to be a part of a project that discusses this issue. Many of my friends struggled at first with the shame of their diagnosis, and had trouble sharing about it because of the stigma that’s still attached. I have watched them work towards not letting their diagnosis define them and continue to live full and happy lives. I’m thrilled to be part of a project that depicts someone living with HIV who continues to live life to the fullest.

And we’re thrilled to have her in the cast. Even if she’s from Jersey. 😉

For more things Bess, visit her website here.



P.S. My good friend Eric Mann recently challenged me to make a video, kind of a dance-like-nobody’s-watching deal. He and his friends Gina Duci and Jeffrey Nunez  have a company, On Point Dance, creating a community of people that encourage, inspire and support each other through the love dance (“it is not about being a dancer,” Gina says, “it is about allowing music to move you in whatever way your body is telling you to”). Dancing can always change my mood and bring a smile to my face, so here’s my short vid.  Feel free to make one of your own! Use the hashtags #‎DanceintheDark‬ ‪#‎OnPointDance‬ ‪#‎Dance4you‬, and Do your thing, honey!




Actor Spotlight: Tom Shane

We first met talented Tom Shane when he came to audition for Merce at the Players Theatre studios. “I remember walking up to this dingy upstairs theatre in the West Village and wondering what I had got myself involved in! But you know,” Tom said, “you can always walk out a door after you walk in, so I walked in.”

Charming Actor Tom Shane

Charming Actor Tom Shane

And we’re so glad he did! In Merce, Tom plays the eccentric and dogmatic Bible Guy, who assaults innocent subway riders with his warped views on Jesus and the bible. We were looking for an actor with just the right balance of kookiness and likability, and Tom hit the nail on the head with his hilarious audition.

We shot his scenes gorilla-style on the subway, without official permission from the city (although we checked it out; it’s not illegal to film on the subway). “It was very exciting,” Tom said, “we’d jump on train cars, shoot a quick scene and jump off at the next stop. My favorite part was when a business man came up to us after we shot a scene and said to me, ‘I was gonna sock you one until I realized what was going on!’ I figured we were doing some good work!”

Tom grew up in Scarsdale. He claims it’s pretty there. (I worked a bar mitzvah there once, but I blocked it out.) Then he moved to Colorado to go to college, and ended up staying there for twenty-ish years, pursuing the life of a mountain bum. “That’s where I started performing. I auditioned for  Richard III for the local community theatre company, and I did not get cast. Fortunately, someone dropped out and I was brought on.”

He was bit by the acting bug, and came back to New York to study improv at UCB. He spent a little time shuttling back and forth between NY and CO before deciding to study acting seriously in NY. “I went to a conservatory program at The Studio/New York, which was my greatest life-changing event, an education as to how to be a human being.”

Tom counts among his career highlights a show he performed called Squids Live! which was totally ridiculous, took place underwater, all the actors played cephalopods (look it up, kids), and performed at the Sheridan Opera House in Telluride, CO. He also performed in a clown show called WAKE UP! in the small town, and felt embarrassed seeing all his friends and acquaintances around town after making an ass out of himself on stage. But, Tom said, “I knew then I was onto something good.”

Tom Shane as the Bible Guy, damning sinners to hell!

Tom Shane as the Bible Guy, damning subway sinners to hell!

Tom also considers his work on Merce a highlight. “I’m so glad that the show is fun and campy. The world is filled with horror and the greatest challenge is to take a heavy subject and make it fun. There is not enough laughter and joy in the world, and if Merce is psyched, you should be, too!

Tom is now living it up in Hollywood, CA. I hope he doesn’t become too big a star, daaling, in case we produce a season 2!