There’s No “I” in TEAM. Or in MERCE.

Do you know who I love? Besides my family, my boyfriend, and of course, Jesus? Samantha Slater. Five minutes after I met her, I told her I wanted to stick my tongue in her mouth. And I’m gayer than the gay mayor of Gayville. Or so I’ve been told.

Sam is our line producer. And my desire to snog her is not because she’s adorable, although she is. It’s that from that first meeting, the way she talked about schedules and organizing and taking control of all the nitty gritty icky stuff that Tyne and I didn’t even know had to get done, let alone how to take care of. She’s amazing at figuring out the puzzle of everyone’s schedules, actors, technicians, and when the various locations are available and making it all fit, somehow. Baffling to me, and miraculous. When this is all over, I totally have to bake her a cake.

Beautiful Colleen Hawks-Pierce, singin' her little heart out.

Beautiful Colleen Hawks-Pierce, singin’ her little heart out.           

Our first foray into the production of this production happened this week: we went into the recording studio to record all the vocal tracks for the amazing original songs that Kenny Kruper wrote for Merce. Pete at Millrose Music was a total professional and a gem. Under Michael Forman’s vocal direction, we managed to get through the music and make it sound fantastic. The singers in this production are all top notch. The Fairies: Rob Laqui, Alex Tomas and Sean Griffin are so hilarious and wonderful. They sing like they’ve been a trio for years. Speaking of trio, the “Fabulous” girls: Gail Lou, Jeanel LeBlanc and Leah Joy, OMG. Y’all aren’t ready. They blew the roof off the place. Then there’s Colleen Hawks-Pierce, who at one point said, “I did this kind of singing in Boy From Oz.” Well, la-di-da! I called her on her name-dropping, and she smiled, winked and said, “well, I did!” She’s amazing. And Amanda Bruton as Veda nailed her song in like two takes! I could go on. To see a photo album of the recording session, click here. 

This weekend we begin shooting! I’ve received emails from Darian Brenner, the art director, about her outrageous and fun ideas for making our locations more Merce-y. Our costumer, Emily Foley is hot on the case, finding cool and funky things for the cast to wear, and Dana D’Adamo, our make-up/hair expert, well, her main job is going to be minimizing the bags under my eyes. Between them, and Johnny Coughlin, our awesome DP, and his crew, the show is going to look amazing.

I’m gonna need to bake some more cake.



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  1. Mark S. King

    I just wish to point out how quickly your stated desire to stick your tongue down a woman’s mouth was redirected into baking her a cake. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Actually, I feel sure she will really, really appreciate the cake.


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