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Dr. Biederhof (Rich Graff)’s a Star!

Congratulations to Rich Graff, who’s starring as Lucky Luciano in the upcoming AMC mini-series The Making of the Mob!

Rich Graff

Rich Graff

Yummy Rich, a native New Yorker, plays Merce’s yummy doctor, Dr. Biederhof. We were so fortunate that Rich auditioned for Merce, and he’s ideal as the smart and handsome physician.

Yummy Dr. Biederhof!

Rich Graff as Yummy Dr. Biederhof!

Rich Graff as Dr. Biederhof and Merce

Dr. Biederhof and Merce

“I auditioned for Merce and fell in love with the idea of a show about someone’s dealing with HIV,” Rich said. “We all come such a long way with HIV and AIDS, and making sure everyone better understands the disease is very important.”

Thanks, Rich. Your earnest performance in Merce is tops, and we’re so proud of your success!

Rich Graff as Lucky Luciano (center)

Rich Graff as Lucky Luciano (center) in The Making of the Mob

For information on AMC’s The Making of the Mob, click here.



Actor Spotlight: Randy Taylor

When Randy Taylor came in to audition for the role of Remington (one of Merce’s love interests), Tyne and I were so happy! He can sing, he can act, and he’s certainly swoon-worthy. We were pretty much sold on him right away.

Randy headshot

The almost-too-handsome Randy Taylor

Randy remembers the experience a little differently: “I was put through a grueling set of auditions by Tyne and Charles. They made me do all this crazy stuff! Did everyone have to run naked around the block screaming ‘Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina?'”

Well, however it happened, Randy was the perfect choice to play Remington, a cute guy from Long Island who went to high school with Amy Fisher.

Randy grew up on a cattle ranch in the Southern California desert, just miles from the Mexican border. “Everything there is beige,” Randy said, “It is very, very conservative as well. Just imagine a slice of Texas transplanted to California.” Beige was too, well, beige for Randy, so as soon as he could, he packed up and moved to Los Angeles to fail out of managerial accounting at USC. He wisely switched majors to acting, “and I’ve been having fun ever since!”

Randy moved to New York twenty years ago, and he’s been seen in musicals and cabarets in the city as well as regionally. Like a lot of performers, he also slings drinks. “I am a bartender at the (in)famous Marie’s Crisis, ‘where showtunes go to die,'” Randy said. “It’s such a fun place and I am often astounded that I get paid to be there.”

Randy Taylor as Reminton, cannoli in hand

Randy Taylor as Remington, cannoli in hand

The first day Randy was on set for Merce, the scene was a date between Merce and Remington. “I was so nervous on my first day of shooting,” Randy said, “but within minutes I was having a wonderful time pretending to eat pasta and clowning around with Charles. I thought to myself that I would happily do this for the rest of my life. Plus the crew was just amazing!”

Besides being fantastically talented, Randy is a genuinely nice guy, and he’s one dreamy fella to boot. One of the fun things for me was that I got to make googly-eyes at him for the camera. Trust me, it was easy. I kept my cool, though, since Randy’s got a super-cute, super-nice boyfriend named David. Ain’t that always the way.

Randy Taylor as Remington with Merce at Washington Square Park

Randy Taylor as Remington with Merce at Washington Square Park

Randy talked about his connection to HIV and Merce: “I have a number of friends who are poz. I remember the fear that was instilled into us about AIDS in the 80’s and how gays were bringing this plague to the nation. We’ve come a long way, baby. Still have a ways to go too! I feel so thrilled to be a part of a show involving HIV characters. I think this kind of show is needed to break through the stigma of having HIV. So, so proud to be a part of it all.”

And we’re proud that you are a part of the Merce family. Now would you mind getting naked again? I’d love to hear another chorus of “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina!”

[Note about the name Remington: The character was originally named Parker. When Tyne and I were fundraising for the project, one of our donors, Gayle Slifka, made a donation in the memory of her dear brother, Remington. In his honor, we decided to re-name the character after him.]

The Real Remington

The Real Remington



Actor Spotlight: Bess Eckstein

Last summer, when Tyne and I were thinking about the casting of Merce, we knew that the role of Merce’s roommate Corvette was going to be a tough role to fill. We wanted a girl who was pretty, smart, funny, and unafraid. And maybe a little trashy.

One day I saw the adorable Bess Eckstein across a crowded room (just like the song!), and she was sitting with her legs crossed, in a miniskirt, chomping gum and playing with her hair. I thought, ‘now that looks like the kind of floozy that might have a different boyfriend every week! That looks like Merce’s roommate Corvette!’ So I asked her to audition. She came in, sang and read, and my instinct had been correct: Bess was a floozy! Or at least she could act like one. We cast her.

Beautiful Bess Eckstein

Beautiful Bess Eckstein

Bess is a Jersey girl, born and raised. And she’s proud of that. She was bitten by the theater bug at 3 years old, when her mom took her to see her first play, Mary Poppins. “I was completely enamored with the show! From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be a performer.”

Bess got her BFA in acting from Montclair State University (In New Jersey!) She’s performed in summer stock and regional theater, eventually earning her Equity card. “My love for the theater and continuing to pursue a career in performing brought me to NYC!” (Which is right next to New Jersey.)

Bess in the recording studio, singing her little Jersey heart out!

Bess in the recording studio, singing her little Jersey heart out!

“Working on Merce gave me the wonderful experience to combine all things I love: acting singing, dancing and working with enormously creatively talented people,” Bess said. “One of my favorite parts was going into the recording studio to record the musical numbers for the show. Also, living the dream of having a different boyfriend in each episode who doted on me wasn’t too shabby either!”

Bess Eckstein as Corvette, making this week's boyfriend play Twister

Bess Eckstein as Corvette, making this week’s boyfriend play Twister

Bess also shared her thoughts on HIV as a subject for Merce. “Having a number of friends who are HIV+, I am happy to be a part of a project that discusses this issue. Many of my friends struggled at first with the shame of their diagnosis, and had trouble sharing about it because of the stigma that’s still attached. I have watched them work towards not letting their diagnosis define them and continue to live full and happy lives. I’m thrilled to be part of a project that depicts someone living with HIV who continues to live life to the fullest.

And we’re thrilled to have her in the cast. Even if she’s from Jersey. 😉

For more things Bess, visit her website here.



P.S. My good friend Eric Mann recently challenged me to make a video, kind of a dance-like-nobody’s-watching deal. He and his friends Gina Duci and Jeffrey Nunez  have a company, On Point Dance, creating a community of people that encourage, inspire and support each other through the love dance (“it is not about being a dancer,” Gina says, “it is about allowing music to move you in whatever way your body is telling you to”). Dancing can always change my mood and bring a smile to my face, so here’s my short vid.  Feel free to make one of your own! Use the hashtags #‎DanceintheDark‬ ‪#‎OnPointDance‬ ‪#‎Dance4you‬, and Do your thing, honey!